A one-function add-on for ERC, which provides a /show command. Example usage might be:
>>>> /show (let ((x 'a) (y 'b)) (list x y))
(let ((x 'a) (y 'b)) (list x y)) => (a b)

A completely useless bit of code that converts between arabic digits and roman numerals.

Various implementations of REVERSE-STRING, gathered on #emacs.

Some code that makes Emacs' shell-command interpret percent signs like Vim, expanding them to the value of the current buffer's file name.

Emacs packages

In addition to my own Emacs startup files, I've also written a number of small add-on packages which you may, if you so choose, use at your own risk. All those I'm not afraid to release to public scrutiny are released under the GPL.

For more information on how each package works, read the "Commentary" section near the beginning of the file.

Ascii Table

Vital for any budding coder. Ascii Table implements a function to display a complete ASCII table showing each character in its Emacs representation, in octal, decimal and hexadecimal. Useful if you haven't memorised all the ASCII codepoints.


Fed up with Supercite? Then Cite is a far less featureful alternative. This package was inspired by Trivial cite, from which I adapted some of the ideas.


Download and view RFCs all from within Emacs.

Gnuplot Mode

A simple comint-based mode for interacting with Gnuplot. Less featureful, but also less annoying than that provided by gnuplot.el


Interact with the lisppaste pastebot that sits in some channels on the Freenode network. Also available for installation through ELPA

Try M-x lisppaste RET to see the implemented features.

This requires the Emacs XML-RPC library.

Multiple Regions

This file implements an idea from the Emacs Wiki, namely, a way of running a command on multiple marked regions, rather than just the one.

It's probably XEmacs compatible, but no promises are made.

Ogg comment

A hacked up bit of elisp for reading comments from Ogg-Vorbis files.

This is now part of EMMS, and further development on it will be carried out there.

Whitespace mode

A major mode for programming in Whitespace.

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