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Dispel4Py is a Python library for describing abstract workflows for distributed data-intensive applications.

  • Abstract: users don’t need to worry about the properties of underlying middleware, implementations or systems.
  • Workflow: workflows represent an alternative way to program in a modular, reusable and exchangeable fashion.
  • Distributed: dispel4py is designed for programming in large, heterogeneous, distributed systems. Abstract workflows get translated and enacted-executed in a number of contexts, such as Apache Storm and MPI-powered clusters.
  • Data-intensive: as data-intensive we describe the applications which are complex due to data-volume or algorithmic reasons. dispel4py employs the streaming model for dealing with large volumes of data over distributed systems, or with complex data-driven algorithms.

Dispel4Py provides executable mappings to a number of enactment systems.

  • MPI: Systems that implement the Message Passing Interface
  • Storm: a free and open source distributed realtime computation system.
  • sequential: local mapping for testing during the development process.
  • multiprocessing: a Python implementation leveraging multiple processors on shared memory systems.

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