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Downloading JOMP

A beta release of JOMP is available as a JAR file. This file contains both the compiler and the runtime library.
For further information on JAR files, see the JAR trail of the Java tutorial.

Click on this link to download JOMP:


To install JOMP, put jomp1.0b.jar in a suitable directory and add the file jomp1.0b.jar to your CLASSPATH.

Compiling using JOMP

Use the following command to compile a file using JOMP:

java jomp.compiler.Jomp MyFile

where MyFile.jomp is your input file. Note, that the input file MUST have the .jomp extension, but that you do not enter this extension on the command line. The output is written to You can then compile this file using your Java compiler, e.g.:


Note that the JOMP compiler requires Java 1.2 Platform support.

Executing JOMP programs in parallel

To execute an application in file MyFile.class in parallel, use the following command:

java -Djomp.threads=n MyFile

where n is the number of threads you want to use. If you don't specify the jomp.threads system property, one thread will be used to execute all the parallel regions. More details on the JOMP system properties can be found in the JOMP API. Note that some older JDKs may require the use of the -native flag, or similar, to enable the use of kernel level threads.

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